Upcoming Community Meetings for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

There will be two community meetings to present final design concepts for the Eastern Market Metro Plaza. They will both be located at the Hill Center in the Lincoln Room:

Saturday, June 21st 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Monday, June 23rd 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Below is the newly designed site plan showing all parcels. Detailed renderings of all six parcels of land on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets, SE, which comprise the Eastern Market Metro Plaza will be presented and discussed. Preliminary cost estimates will also be presented.

 The final design concept is the result of community input sessions begun last summer when a task force of citizens representing many groups and organizations on Capitol Hill first met with a design team led by architect Amy Weinstein of Esocoff & Associates and landscape architect Lisa Delplace of Oehme van Sweden to address the community’s vision for the area.



5 thoughts on “Upcoming Community Meetings for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

  1. Keith says:

    I like that a “desire line” was kept directly adjacent to the metro entrance but why ignore the clear desire line to/from D st on Parcel 1? Nope, just put up a fence. I realize parents are louder than others in community meetings but the kid park could have easily went on the other side of the South Carolina path or been split by a small walkway.

  2. CB says:

    I couldn’t figure out the formal place to leave comments, but my suggestion is this: for the North Plaza, include a pedestrian path from the corner of Pennsylvania and 8th to the intersection of 9th and D SE (in addition to the already-planned path from Penn and 8th to 9th and South Carolina). There’s already a well-worn path through the grass there because so many people who live on D St take a more direct route to that intersection. Walking around the plaza (down Pennsylvania and making a left onto 9th, and then turning right onto D) isn’t very efficient and, if there isn’t a formal path, I’b bet people continue to walk through the grass anyway.

    • aboveavg says:

      People won’t be able to walk through the grass because a fence will be erected to block the frequently used and convenient path.

  3. NE Walker says:

    Coming late to the discussion, but here are my comments anyway.

    A nice plan with a few blind spots that seem to be architecture driven rather than useful, people driven.

    Desire lines are people driven. The desire lines for people traveling to the northeast of the Metro stop have been eliminated, and blocked by fencing. The jaywalkers and D St at 9th are now forced out of their way. Jaywalkers will need to walk out of their way and wait through a cycle of light changes before they can continue to their destination. I am glad that the proposal has pedestrian bump outs to it more pedestrian friendly, but eliminating the shortcuts embedded in the desire line add a pedestrian delay / inconvenience / aggravation factor. Is this a “major” item? No, but it will be a constant (twice a day) aggravation.

    Playground Issues

    The playground is “beautiful” and “interesting” but as earlier comments noted, the design is not really kid-driven. It will be one of a kind and quickly obsolete. A better idea would be kid friendly and kid tested design for play equipment.

    Water play area – has anybody tested this in practice to see how kids would use it regularly, or is this just a “neat idea” with rodent harborage as an unintended consequence.

    The large, dark, fenced-in older kids park will be a great place to sleep in at night if you are homeless. From the lighting diagram it appears to have no lights. It doesn’t look like it would be easy to monitor for illicit activities.

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