Upcoming Community Meetings – Eastern Market METRO Plaza / Park

Sunday, 12/8 – 1:30 PM-3:30 PM 

Wednesday 12/11 – 7:00 PM-9:00 PM 

Hill Center921 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

For the past three months a design team, led by architect Amy Weinstein (Esocoff & Associates) and landscape architect Lisa Delplace (Oehme van Sweden), has been hard at work developing two alternative Master Plan concepts for all of the publicly owned land along Pennsylvania Avenue, SE between 7th and 9th Streets, including the area around the Eastern Market Metro Station.  The overall goal of the project is to renew and upgrade the public space in this two block area, both functionally and aesthetically.

At two public meetings in early December at the Hill Center (921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE), the design team will present to the community its two alternative Master Plan concepts.  The first meeting will be held on Sundayafternoon, December 8th from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Arts Room.  The second meeting will be on Wednesday evening, December 11th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Lincoln Room.  The presentation and format of both the December 8th and December 11th sessions will be identical.  After the design plans are presented, there will be breakout sessions to get feedback from the community. Both meetings are open to the entire Capitol Hill community and all are encouraged to attend one of the two meetings.

Subsequent to the December presentations, the drawings will be posted to the project website —www.easternmarketmetropark.com – and comments can be submitted through the website until Friday, January 10th.


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Community Meetings – Eastern Market METRO Plaza / Park

  1. Nan Raphael says:

    Overall, I prefer Concept B..except for the pavillion…wouldn’t that be better utilized as an open performance space..have an outdoor semi covered stage instead.
    Love the idea of the continuous benches but concerned they might draw more homeless to sleep and hangout there. I prefer the openness of the parcel n of PA between 8th and 9th. Best not to create too many places for thugs to hide.

    • Vira Sisolak says:

      As a Master Gardener who cares for two large public gardens on Capitol Hill, I agree that continuous benches would encourage sleeping and hanging out. solutions can be easily designed, much as they have been to discourage skateboarders.
      Also, I am very opposed to any water feature in the parcel that includes the Metro entrances. Clealry, the location on 8th St is not suitable for children’s play, as it is much too close to a major roadway. So, it will only be a play spot for adults, which is not desirable. A sculpture with benches would be much more apprpriate for that space.
      Finally, the children’s play area should be a space for children age 6 and younger. A good example of an excellent, heavily-used playground is the one in Stanton Park opposite Peabody School. This is not an apprprpiate space for play (or learning) by older children, who simply won’t use the space. there is no need to be orginal or educational. There is however, a very real need for a play area for small children that includes slides and other standard play equipment.

  2. LW says:

    Both plans are a great improvement to what currently stands. The presentation states that the library is rather small for the Capitol Hill population, but do we have the numbers of library attendance? I agree with Vira that the play area should be designed for children 6 years-old- and younger and a plan should be in place to discourage the homeless from sleeping in those areas.

  3. Alex Belano says:

    Plan B is aesthetically pleasing since it preserves the sight lines of S. Carolina Avenue, through the plaza. I support the idea of the underground library expansion although I do not support the above ground pavilion. Even with a transparent pavilion, it will blocks views.

  4. Kirsten Oldenburg says:

    I can’t figure out those “ballons” on the concept maps so here are some random thoughts. First, I love the bioswales for the two median strips. Great idea. If street tree boxes are redone by this project, could they also be designed as catch basins? As a constant pedestrian in the area, I am sorry to see the push back on closing the little segments of E and D on either side of PA Ave. Cars tend to consider these as freeway on ramps as they merge at speed onto PA. Please consider closing both and adding pull over spaces off PA for drop offs at the new Hine and deliveries and emergency service vehicles for Community Connections. I think the children’s playground ideas are “way over the top” too planned and not necessarily appropriate for the little tots that now use the existing play area. You could include a sculpture that works as a climbing device. I have seen such things in Europe. Speaking of that side of the street and parcel (#1), currently rain water and snow melt flows off the center and ends up in pools on the PA sidewalk. Please regrade. I need to know more about why library need to expand before I would support that option for parcel #4. But I don’t have a particular problem with an above ground entrance. It will have to be a special design, though. I like the calming effect of the Bosque idea for parcel #4 which is a very busy place. I would think it could be included on that parcel along with a library entrance. On parcel #1, I support the mid section walkway that is aligned with South Carolina.
    Thanks for the opportunity to opine, Kirsten Oldenburg ANC6B04

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