Keep the Comments Coming!

Thank you for the more than 300 comments and ideas we received so far!  Your continued participation is exactly what we need for the project to meet its goals of renewing and upgrading the function and aesthetics of the publicly owned land in the 700 and 800 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

As a recap, here’s what’s happened so far: 1) Tommy Wells facilitated open community input meetings on July 8th and July 13th, 2) this EMMP website went live on July 15th, providing you with an ongoing way to comment — both on our blog and transportation map, and 3) a physical site map and suggestion box was housed in Eastern Market’s North Hall for most of the month through August 6th.  We’ve alerted people about these through the BRMS newsletter and website.

And here’s what will happen next: we will continue to collect and consider each and every comment we receive through our blog and transportation map, so keep the ideas coming!   Send your ideas through the transportation site or our blog, or plan to attend one of several more open community meetings we plan to hold throughout the autumn.  Stay tuned and check back often — or sign up for the BRMS newsletter.



One thought on “Keep the Comments Coming!

  1. I found the alternate plans interesting, but a bit hard to understand (at least for me) as both birds eye views appear to have been done from the perspective of someone high near 9th and Penn. Since (I believe) most of the activity is diagonally opposite (ie near the Metro station), that is, unfortunately, the hardest area to see with any clarity.

    A couple of comments.
    Parcel 1, as a play zone seems interesting and the most logical, if there is to be a play zone. But, who will be responsible for maintaining all of the elements throughout the seasons? Outdoor mechanical devices must be incredibly robust and kept in good repair. Some organization will need to “own” this area and have the funds and staff (volunteer or paid) to maintain it.

    Parcel 4. I have similar concerns about the images with light, loose cafe-type furniture. Is this practical? Shouldn’t any seating be permanently located?

    Entry to parcel 4 from the SW corner. The library extension is an interesting idea. Please be sure to maintain good access to the plaza and the entry to the Metro from the SW.

    All of the efforts to declog the bus situation by Starbucks is a plus. The idea to eliminate the eastern extension of E street is worth pursuing.

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