Eastern Market METRO Plaza – Park Task Force Meets Thursday, August 8 – Hill Center at 5PM

Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., the Eastern Market METRO Plaza – Park task force will convene for a meeting. The design team for the project led by architect Amy Weinstein will present to the task force ideas for the park-plaza area which have been gathered from the community at two July public meetings, from the Suggestion Box at Eastern Market, and from the project website and blog. The design team will be seeking guidance from the task force on which of these many ideas should be included as the design process begins.  The meeting is expected to last one and one half hours.
The meeting is open to any member of the public who wishes to come and observe the Task Force in action. Public comments will be accepted for the duration of the project – to leave a comment or add an idea for the designers go to www.easternmarketmetropark.com.The task force is composed of citizens of Capitol Hill who live near the area as well as members of many Capitol Hill organizations.


2 thoughts on “Eastern Market METRO Plaza – Park Task Force Meets Thursday, August 8 – Hill Center at 5PM

  1. Angela Scott says:

    This is my second entry. I initially wrote to say that was I very concerned and angry that meetings were planned during the height of the summer season when most Washingtonians are on vacation.If the communities concerns are a priority the planners would make these meetings more available. Beside this I have serious issues with suggestions about food trucks on the plaza. May I remind the planners that this is a residential community not a amusement park. In the same vein, I have heard that there is discussion about including a stage of some sort on the plaza. Again, I wonder who is driving these ideas. Who are the planners looking to please? I remind you that this is a residential community not an amusement park. The Mall was developed for large crowds and music and performances and musical events and public gatherings.
    The streets surrounding the plaza are residential. In the recent past, ministers with microphones and some bands attempted to use the plaza for their own purposes. This was and continues to be disruptive and a disturbance for homeowners that reside surrounding the plaza.
    If the planners are professionals their goals should include what is best for the home owners and these concerns should be their priority.
    Thank you Angela Scott

    • Ms. Scott,

      Thanks for your feedback! To answer your question, 100% of the ideas that are being discussed are coming directly from the community, through community meetings, the comment box that was at Eastern Market this summer, this website, and emails and other direct communications from neighbors. The project team was instructed to start with a completely blank slate, and everyone was encouraged to submit their ideas to be presented to the larger community and discussed. Some ideas will make it into the initial designs, and some won’t, either due to space, feasibility, cost, or other factors. Please keep providing your ideas! What would you like to see in these spaces?

      Martin Smith
      Executive Director
      Barracks Row Main Street

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